The Entrepreneurship School

You Dream, We make it happen

The Entrepreneurship School (TES) is the school for founders, startups and entrepreneurs.

Realize your entrepreneurial dreams @TES.
We help you build and launch your startup.
Our students call it the “Launchpad of Startups”.

Chart out your entrepreneurial career.

Everything at The Entrepreneurship School is about startups and entrepreneurship.

TES is about real life!
Finding solutions to the problems faced by real people in the real world.

Our programs take you into an immersive journey that is deep and real.

We work with self-starters, who like to challenge the status quo.
They believe in ideas that have the power to change the world.
They are highly competitive, but like to compete with themselves.
They are consumed with the thought of how to make things happen.

Our faculty succinctly puts it,
TES has taken the unique challenge of teaching smart guys how to learn more.


Entrepreneurship can be taught and TES is a wonderful thing to happen.
Dr. Jerome Booth, Chairman, New Sparta
Economist and Venture Capitalist