About us

Brave people challenge conventionally held beliefs to push the society forward.

TES believes in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship as a means of progress.

Innovators weave magic with new things and new thinking, new technologies and new methods, new ways and new wisdom.

Fearless dreamers are doers. They disrupt to create new jobs and empower for the world to make it a better place.

So, we thought, if innovation and entrepreneurship is so powerful, why don’t we teach it systematically as a discipline.

We developed a method of teaching that is different from conventional models. We merged Socratic Methods with Practice based Teaching.

Our pedagogy revolves around the central theme, “If you have an idea, we make it real”.

We devised a non-linear a learning method combing

Thinking – Doing – Breaking – Making

We believe that success depends on learning from failures.

To help people overcome fears our founders said, “Fail Often, Fail Fast, Fail Early, Fail Cheap”

In everything we do at TES, it is “DREAM IT, DO IT”.