Startup Lab

Welcome to TES Startup Lab

Startup Lab is the heart of TES and has been established with the purpose of launching world-class start-up ventures. It is the “Launchpad for Startups”.

Students at TES utilize the facilities and resources available at Startup Lab to prototype their products and services, and then launch them in the real market. They get a full range of tools and resources to develop their initial products and service model at the Lab.

Startup Lab’s strategy is to help entrepreneurs turn an idea into a business through prototyping, to launch, and then to keep making changes to the idea based on the market feedback. The Lab is part of an ecosystem of support for entrepreneurs at TES, helping the School’s students and faculty to navigate their way through the start-up process and find the resources they need.

The Lab also gets support from corporate sector, sponsors and multiple other public / private organizations for entrepreneurship students at TES.

Startup Lab regularly conducts a variety of events to provide customized knowledge / tools to students in their pursuit of developing solutions to some of the greatest problems facing this world.

The 48 hour hackathon at Startup Lab helped me build the beta version of my tech product. I had never imagined, it could get so real so fast.

— Mohak Khandelwal, PEP 2014

Startup Lab provides fun, innovative and collaborative work environment. When you enter the Startup Lab you can immediately feel the energy and vibrancy constantly flowing from the students’ and faculty’s minds and actions.