TES Incubation Centre

TES Incubation Centre

The TES Incubation Centre supports early stage startups right from opportunity exploration to pursuit of product development and ultimate launch.

We have a proven incubation process where we systematically work with innovators to take their ideas to commercialization stage. Our experts use interdisciplinary methods to build use cases to take the innovation to market.

The Incubation Centre offers customized Incubation Program to early stage start-ups to help them build and scale their ventures. Our customized-to-venture Incubation Program ranges from 6 to 12 months to supercharge selected startups under the guidance of high calibre mentors.

The TES Incubation Centre offers a distinctive, creative atmosphere where new ideas and ventures can flourish. They will gain all the benefits of being in close proximity to the advanced technology, expertise and facilities of The Entrepreneurship School.

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  • The Incubation Centre helps founders, startups and entrepreneurs in the following ways:
  • Take high potential ideas quickly to market
  • Provide risk capital and resources
  • Take the BETA out and accelerate the Time-to-Test
  • Boost up the Time-to-Market
  • Buildup use cases for innovation
  • Identify new buckets of opportunity linked with core competencies
  • Increase the ROI for the Founder
  • Share the risk of starting up


Why TES Incubator

TES offers a comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem. We understand the needs of early stage start-ups and entrepreneurs, and help incubatee companies convert their dream ideas into successful ventures. We have a flexible incubation program that keeps young ventures on winning track.

Following are the pillars of TES incubation:


1) Customised-to-venture Program: Each venture has unique needs and therefore, a unique incubation plan has to be formed. At TES we customise the incubation offering to each of our incubatee companies. Be it the level of funding, engagement of internal and external mentors, power of tech infrastructure, etc. all comes basis the needs of each venture.


2) Disciplined entrepreneurship: TES Incubator helps entrepreneurs reduce risk and time to success for their ventures by infusing the practitioner’s approach to entrepreneurship. Incubatees are encouraged to dirty their hands and bring execution excellence.


3) Financial support: It starts with the initial funding from the TES Incubator and has the potential to help get further financial support from a larger Angel / Investor network of TES Incubator. The TES Incubator has been able to raise external funds for our incubatee companies whenever there has been a need.


4) Robust ecosystem: We are not just an incubator but a complete entrepreneurship ecosystem. Therefore, we are able to offer a much larger and deeper support to all our incubatee ventures.


TES Incubation Model