Conceptualizing and Commercializing new ideas is interdisciplinary, complex and inherently risky.

We believe in entrepreneurship as a means of solving the problems faced by the mankind. Therefore, we nurture courageous and committed individuals aspiring to become innovators and entrepreneurs embodying new age ideas.

It is well known that the problems faced by ordinary people are getting more and more complex with every passing day. These problems need passionate people who have innovative ideas and the doers who can turn these ideas into practical solutions.

Our faculty, mentors and advisors prepare founders and startups deal with the challenges in the journey of entrepreneurship. We act as a catalyst in the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs and startups, who have the passion and energy to change the world.

Entrepreneurs bring fruits of innovation to the world

Studying at TES

Studying at TES should be a life-changing experience for you.

Our programs will challenge you in the classroom, and outside of the classroom through activities like KYC Marathon, Himmat Week, Startup Immersion, Entrepreneur Networking Meets and many more.You can challenge yourself with all the extra-curricular activities in TES’s vibrant student life such as ICUBE, Idea Factory, Business Plan Pitch, student clubs and student festivals.

Or you could involve yourself in the excitement on offer in the city itself. Gurgaon is the Millennium City of India and the back-office of the world and there is never a dull moment.

Horizontal Approach to vertical growth

You will go through the cycle of learning by enlightened doing which makes you think, try, make, fail, do it over again until you succeed.