Being an Optimistic Leader

Being an Optimistic Leader

In one of the Monday Meetings at Divisional Railway Managers office in Baroda, B.B Modgill said to his departmental heads:

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, Build the door.”

This quote inspired his officers to keep on trying, trying and trying so much that they became the best railway division in Western Railway, by outscoring much bigger unit like Mumbai.

This above statement, not only shows the “never-say-die” attitude of BB Modgil, but also a sense of optimism that great leaders who was lead from the front exude. No wonder, he led his team from the front overcoming two major crises – the earthquake of Gujarat when the railway line connecting Bhuj (epicentre) was disconnected form rest of India and Sabarmati train which was burnt at Godhra.

As a young member of his professional team, I saw him face many obstacles, but I also saw him fight his way to out.

There are THREE things that makes B.B Modgil unique. These are:

  • 1. Belief in hard work.
    People said that there was great style is everything he did. But Modgil said, “it is practise. practise and practise”. Keep working hard, things will happen.
  • 2. Nose to find opportunities.
    My boss, Mr. Godbole, once said, “Modgil could smell revenue, even when there was none.” No wonder, he deputed me to review the earnings from food-stalls of Baroda division, which we were able to enhance from Rs. 25 Lakhs to Rs. 3 Crore. In 1999, this was a big sum.
  • 3. Outstanding Self Belief.
    I would say, he was a winner all through. During his farewell speech he said, “I had a great stint. But there are regrets also. However, it doesn’t pay to look back. Let us build Baroda Division the best in India.”

I was truly inspired by this amazing person and an ever-smiling leader.

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