Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship (CPE)

TES offers a Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship (CPE).This innovative program provides exposure the practical aspects of identifying, evaluating, and moving business ideas forward as well as the fundamentals of business to make them happen.

The course aims to sow the seeds of an idea that can turn into a future business or social enterprise.

    CPE is a 3-month course delivered in three formats:

  • Class-room part-time
  • Online
  • Distance Education

“Something new is just a few moments away”

Who is it for?

CPE is ideal for people interested in formulating, developing and commercializing ideas, want to de-risk their venture development decisions.

They want to understand about entrepreneurial challenges and want to get more information about their business idea to test its attractiveness.

CPE Learning Objectives:

CPE is a practical guide to starting a new business, providing participants the requisite exposure to crucial aspect of the entrepreneurship experience.

The program provides end-to-end knowledge of entrepreneurship cycle -from the initial phase of evaluating a business idea to the actual business launch, participants are introduced to the realities of entrepreneurship and the misconceptions surrounding it.

Participants are exposed to useful models and frameworks, complemented by practical advice and guidelines, provide participants with a solid foundation to launch their own businesses while understanding the various risks their startup may face.

Among other things, you will learn the following:

  • Essential Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Approaches to analyzing new business ideas
  • Distinguish strong business ideas from weak ones
  • Identify how startup finance works
  • Explain how to create forecasts for a new business and where and how early-stage businesses find capital
  • Navigate the detailed process of business plan preparation and presentation
  • Identify the top priorities and the key risks for a startup management team

In the Classroom format of CPE, we bring you face-to-face with successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and CEO’s from leading companies for future networking.

In the Online format, participants will have to attend regular sessions delivered live from our studio at fixed timings (in the evenings and weekends) through the Internet. Participants shall also have access to recorded version of these sessions during the course.

In the Correspondence format, participants will receive printed study material with lesson plans at their postal address.

Admission Process

To apply for Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship (CPE), Please send an email to us at INFO@entrepreneurship.edu.in or call us at +91 124 4239688.