Entrepreneurship Summer School

Entrepreneurship Summer School

Introduction to the Program:

While India aspires to be a startup nation, simultaneously we find many, deep-rooted problems in our society – lack of livelihood opportunities, poor healthcare facilities, abysmal educational indicators, poor quality of drinking water, inadequate sanitation facilities, low productivity in agriculture, irregular energy supply, degrading environmental indicators etc.

Each of these problems are also an opportunity. It is well-known that society flourishes, when solutions are driven locally by the people, rather than by administrators. Examples of Gramin Bank, AMUL, Lijjat Papad etc. serve as guideposts.

Our Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (SEB) is a multi-disciplinary program designed for audacious people who want to challenge conventionally held wisdom and find new solutions. The SEB shall equip participants with the necessary skills to run a business savvy, socially conscious organisation by combining the best practices in civil society with the best practices in business.

Program Audience

This, One-Week Bootcamp is planned for dreamers who are inspired to change the world. We are looking for social change makers and entrepreneurs with the skills, creative thinking and networks needed to tackle the complex social and economic realities of the communities within which they work.

Why Attend?

The SEB shall help you in several ways. Some of these are:

  • Develop understanding of Social Change and Impact ventures
  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills to manage a social enterprise
  • Design business model for your social venture
  • Create a living business plan for your social venture

The Bootcamp thrives on Debate and Action. You get to meet entrepreneurs, NGOs, business and policy makers

Brief Outline of the Bootcamp:

  • Understanding Systemic Change and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Design Thinking for Wicked Problems
  • Social Venture Idea Pitch
  • Business Models of Social Ventures
  • Financial Stages of Social Ventures
  • Sustaining the Change Projects
  • Marketing of Social Enterprises
  • Business Plan Workshop
  • Regulatory Challenges for Social Ventures
  • Impact Venture Financing Strategies
  • Partnership Pathways
  • Growth Conundrum in Social Ventures
  • Final Business Plan Pitch

Program Director

Mr. Masroor Lodi

Program Fees

The standard fee for Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is Rs. 40,000 + GST. This includes all course materials, consumables, facilty costs, tea / coffee and lunch etc.

If you have already started your social venture, GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE FOUNDATION shall offer standard 25% Fee Grant to you.
You will have to make a formal application for this grant at info@entrepreneurship.edu.in, use the subject header “SEB Grant”

How to Register

To enroll for the course, please send an email info@entrepreneurship.edu.in or call us at +91.124.4239588 and our Program Executives shall guide you.

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