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Thank you for your interest in taking the EQ test.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting career choice that a person can make. However, becoming an entrepreneur is never easy. Often we hear entrepreneurs saying, “It is such a roller coaster ride, where success is never guaranteed”.

Have you ever wondered, what does it take to become an Entrepreneur? Is it idea, money or there is something more in the person itself.

Research has proven that entrepreneurs have a unique personality. There are a number of characteristics that are common among successful entrepreneurs such as self-confidence, problem solving and creativity, ability to make decision and the list goes on.

This Test has been designed by The Entrepreneurship School (www.entrepreneurship.edu.in) to assess your entrepreneurship potential.

There are 20 questions. Each question has two statements. Select the statement that applies more closely with you as honestly as possible. All questions are COMPULSORY. Once you have completed, press the Submit Form button. We will get back with your results through email.

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