Terms and Conditions



1. GNEB is open for school students only. They can submit ideas either
individually or as a team.

2. The maximum size of any team shall be not more than THREE.

3. Students / Teams can submit any number of ideas.

4. NOTE – Glorifire or TES shall not use the submitted ideas for
commercial purpose. However, the competition format does not guarantee
any protection of Intellectual Property rights. All Students / Teams
must take full cognizance and understanding of this fact.

5. ORIGINALITY: If an idea has been patented by, or is the property of,
a third party, the originator of the idea must agree in writing to the
use of the idea by the applicant and must be expressly credited in Idea
Submission. If at any stage of the competition or later, it is found
that submitted idea has been plagiarized, participation of that student
/ team shall be REJECTED.

6. Any correspondence from TES / Glorifire to participants will be
directed by email at the email address provided by the students / teams.