Hero’s Heroes

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Ever wondered what makes successful entrepreneurs successful? In fact, a lot of things. Besides some unique reasons for an entrepreneur’s success, there is something that’s common to almost every entrepreneur’s success. It is the solid support of some people whom I refer to as Hero’s Heroes. These are the people from entrepreneur’s family, friend circle, and/or professional circle who rally around the entrepreneur in good and difficult times to keep the entrepreneur focused on the goal. Support from these people comes in the form of finances, mentoring, encouragement, professional inputs, among other much needed possible gestures. These heroes are collectively known as the ‘social capital’ of an entrepreneur which plays a decisive role his/her success.

And therefore, an entrepreneur’s success story is not a single individual’s story, but one that has many heroes – people who significantly contribute to an entrepreneur’s journey to stardom. These are the people who have taken pains to support the entrepreneur and showed tremendous confidence in his/her vision. Some might think that entrepreneurs do not need support as they are lone warriors. That’s a wrong notion! To prove this, may I suggest you to speak to some of the successful entrepreneurs and check if this is correct? Whether they achieved what they achieved all alone or also had hands of others to keep their dream alive till it was realised?

If you are convinced that you would need a trusted social capital as an entrepreneur, the next question is how to build such a capital? An entrepreneur’s social capital needs to be nicely nurtured by the entrepreneur in the same way that the entrepreneur nurtures his/her venture. Building and managing relations is at the core of developing such social capital. Remember that the magic word in relations is TRUST. Entrepreneurs must consciously build this skill on the bedrock of TRUST to keep enhancing their effective social capital.

At TES we purposefully create an environment where our students learn and develop these skills. Hats off to Hero’s Heroes!

by Masroor Lodi