TES Entrepreneurship Programs are dedicated to the study, teaching and practice of new ventures, founders and entrepreneurship.

Our small team delivers BIG things

  • We attract talented students full of passion and energy.
  • This is possible only because our team has equally talented, tenacious and committed people.
  • Our team comprise of faculty and mentors – fulltime and visitingboth. We have a dedicated support team, who are readily accessible to students, aspiring entrepreneurs and every visitor at TES.
  • Our Faculty is accomplished and helpful. They like to take the deep dive with budding entrepreneurs of TES ecosystem.
  • The TES teachers are serial entrepreneurs, successful professionals with CXO level work experience, academicians, scholars and researchers. Most of our teachers bring first hand experience of startups, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
  • Our professors and mentors provide students not just valuable business knowledge and entrepreneurial experience, but also the lessons learned from their successes and failures.
  • They are active researchers; they contribute to the body of knowledge of entrepreneurship, startups and founders.We provide valuable opportunities for people aspiring to get involved in cutting-edge entrepreneurship research.