TES Entrepreneurship Programs are dedicated to the study, teaching and practice of new ventures, founders and entrepreneurship.

Our small team delivers BIG things

Our faculty includes both academic and practice-oriented teachers. Many of our entrepreneurship faculty are “Entrepreneurs” and “Procademics” – professionals who have moved into academics. Entrepreneurs and Procademics bring real life experience into classrooms.

Every faculty at TES are active researchers at one of the Research Centres, which we are developing as world’s leading entrepreneurship research centre. They publish in top journals, work extensively with start-ups and entrepreneurship community, ensuring learning at TES remains aligned with the most pressing needs of the budding entrepreneurs.

Our Entrepreneur Teachers are exceptional people, who have started businesses. Some of them are serial entrepreneurs. They are practitioners of the science and art of business creation and development.

At TES, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Consultants of small businesses and a variety of subject matter experts will teach you. You will find TES faculty enthusiastic about their subject matters and eager to inspire in you the same passion and aptitude to make a difference in an entrepreneurial role.


Horizontal Approach to Vertical Learning

Entrepreneurship is inter-disciplinary. It isn’t about just marketing or HR or Finance or IT. All founders want to know how to integrate the nuances of finance, marketing, organizational behavior and operations in product design.

One of the Founders commented, “Entrepreneurs are T-Shaped people. The vertical limb of T representing the domain expertise of entrepreneur and horizontal limb representing the integrative aspects.” It is undeniable that traditional approaches of teaching cannot be applied to entrepreneurship.

Our team makes the cross-functional dimensions of business alive in the classroom. Some call it the CEO’s perspective. This is possible because TES believes in “Procademics” –professionals into academics. Our Procademics bring rich real life entrepreneurship, startup and corporate experience to enliven the classroom.

They provide a rich balance of academic rigor and real-world experience, with students learning from veteran entrepreneurs both inside TES and from the surrounding entrepreneurial community. Their knowledge and practical insights ensure that our students get the most out of our innovative programs.