Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Program (PEP)

Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) is the most exciting education program for young graduates who want to become an entrepreneur.

PEP is similar to what some people would call as Startup MBA.

But PEP is NOT a Business Administration program. It is a Startup Management Program for young people fresh out of colleges.

PEP is a specialised program about Startups.

You will learn about the excitement and youthful energy of challengers. Startup ventures are challengers. You will also learn about how to get good startup ideas, how to turn ideas into a venture, how to develop new products and services, how to launch a venture, how to market new products and services, how to raise funds for a start, how to hire a team, legal and regulatory issues and many other things.

PEP = 1000 hours + 1000 hours

You cannot build a venture without burning the midnight’s oil. Therefore, while, the program involves close to 1000 hours of faculty lead learning, it also demands 1000 hours for outside the classroom for venture building.

“PEP is the most innovative education program in the world developed by The Entrepreneurship School”

– Dr. Jerome Booth, Chairman, New Sparta, Economist and Venture Capitalist

PEP is full-time entrepreneurship program for young graduates who are entrepreneurially inclined.

The program is spread over 4 terms of 12 weeks each, where students work with our top class faculty and entrepreneur mentors.

Program Stages:

  • Term 1: Idea Shaping
  • Term 2: Venture Development
  • Term 3: Starting Up
  • Term 4: Startup Launch

At PEP, learning is fun because you follow your passion.

Our teachers and mentors help you develop use cases, test them, make prototypes, conduct beta test, launch new venture, acquire customers and build investor interest – all in just about a year.

Our pedagogy is based on the premise of “Learning by enlightened doing“.

Thinking – Doing – Breaking – Making are essential entrepreneur skills. Acquire all the must-have knowledge, skills and attitudes for starting a new startup. PEP enables you to conceive and launch your startup successfully.

The most difficult thing in a Start-up journey is STARTING UP.

Our Entrepreneurship Ecosystem is pivoted around education and learning. They help you navigate the hard and soft issues of entrepreneurial journey.

The Entrepreneurship School has built a solid network of entrepreneurship support services for a product, market, and venture development. Our experts have seen it, done it and now want to give back to the society in this noble endeavor.

If you want to start a Startup, TES is the place.

Entry Criteria

Ideally you should be a graduate. However, if you do not have a formal education, it is OK.

Preference shall be given to people with work experience and high quality internship experience.
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Selection Process

PEP admission has 5-step selection process:

  • Step 1: Make an Application
  • Step 2: Attend Interview and Pitch a Startup Idea Pitch
  • Step 3: Declaration of Result in 2 days
  • Step 4: Issue of Offer letter and Acceptance of Admission Offer

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Amar Ujjwal

An Electronics Engineering graduate from NIT, quit his job at Aricent technologies to build Science Education venture “LAB – ON – WHEELS”.

LAB-ON-WHEELS brings practical aspects of science to rural kids

Rahul Aggarwal

An MBA and Financial Controller with American Express, quit his job to purse his passion with pets. Rahul runs, PUPKART, a profitable online pet products venture.

My dream is to build world’s largest portal for pet products and make lives simpler for pet-owners.