About GEP

The Entrepreneurship School (TES) is home to the #1 Program for Founders, Startups and Entrepreneurship in India.

Located in the heart of Gurgaon, the India’s millennium city and back-office of the world, TES will transform your career by helping you conceptualize and commercialize new ideas and innovation.


Entrepreneurship is the way of thinking and acting. It drives society. The world of 21st century is abuzz with new ideas and hope. It is the world of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Entrepreneurs connect the wisdom of generations and innovate to address the challenges faced by people.

Graduate Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) is a 3-year entrepreneurship course for young students, fresh out of schools. They are courageous and committed individuals who have a strong desire to change the world. GEP course is designed to turn such a youth into a successful entrepreneur.

This comprehensive and exhaustive program, taps the inherent skills of young individuals willing to develop their capacity to own and operate a business. The GEP Faculty will help you blend real world challenges with academic rigour to transform innovative ideas into a venture

The course will help you develop a critical understanding of how startups work, how they are managed, how to get high impact ideas and how they interact with local, national and international environments.