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Graduate Entrepreneurship Program (GEP)

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The Entrepreneurship School (TES) is home to the #1 Program for Founders, Startups and Entrepreneurship in India.

Located in the heart of Gurgaon, the India’s millennium city and back-office of the world, TES will transform your career by helping you conceptualize and commercialize new ideas and innovation.



Graduate Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) is an outcome of the continuous innovation practices followed at The Entrepreneurship School (TES), India’s first dedicated school of entrepreneurship.
After the grand success of Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Programme (PEP), our team has now designed GEP, one of the most innovative undergraduate level courses in entrepreneurship. It provides students a stimulating and exciting learning environment integrating real-world experience with traditional classroom education.

TES is an amazing place where you can find so many people trying different things

Sameer Khanna, Founder, orahi

We believe teaching entrepreneurship is not just about business plan competitions. It’s about building entrepreneurial competence in young individuals that prepares them seize the opportunity.

The GEP course is ideal for students who fearlessly want to challenge the world with their new ideas. In the past, these students would have displayed unique capabilities while in school, such as asking questions that teachers would avoid to answer, doing things that go beyond the defined norms and assuming leadership positions at school.

Most GEP students would have a desire to build and launch a new venture or become a catalyst for innovation. Regardless of whether our graduates become business owners or employees, the entrepreneurial skills acquired at GEP prepares them for leadership roles.

The rigorous practicum-oriented approach of GEP develops skills, knowledge and competence, necessary to become a successful entrepreneurial leader.

GEP is #1 Program for Founders, Startups and Entrepreneurship