Program Structure

The Entrepreneurship School (TES) is home to the #1 Program for Founders, Startups and Entrepreneurship in India.

Located in the heart of Gurgaon, the India’s millennium city and back-office of the world, TES will transform your career by helping you conceptualize and commercialize new ideas and innovation.

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Graduate Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) begins with an Induction to familiarise you with our teaching methods, our professors and staff.

In Year 1 you undertake the most innovative educational experience in the form of Startup Immersion Program (SIP). The aim of SIP is to provide students with a first-hand exposure of how to understand, develop, manage, run and exit a business.

In Year 2, you will study twelve core modules. This allows you to specialize in business skills as well as making skills. The courses cover areas such as marketing, information technology, finance, accounting, economics and design. You will also undertake a human experience study tour.

In Year 3, you choose a business idea for your startup, convert the idea into a venture and launch it. In addition, you will study twelve critical management related modules that add to your startup skills. These include selling skills, law, strategy, operations, human resources and venture finance.

In addition, all through your study at TES, you will be required to undertake short modules on book review, liberal arts, language, hacking, etc.



Throughout, you will be assessed by a mixture of formal examinations, essays, reports, case study analysis and group work