SIP Advantage

The Entrepreneurship School (TES) is home to the #1 Program for Founders, Startups and Entrepreneurship in India.

Located in the heart of Gurgaon, the India’s millennium city and back-office of the world, TES will transform your career by helping you conceptualize and commercialize new ideas and innovation.

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The SIP Advantage

Our Incubation Team believes that building a successful venture requires inputs both on the venture as well as the Founder. Therefore, SIP spends a significant amount of time in developing the entrepreneurial competence in founders besides venture focused interventions.

Venture Focused Interventions

  • Sharpening and developing the idea
  • Building the MVP and Testing
  • Go to Market and Product / Service Launch
  • Platform to take the venture to next stage
  • Access to Angel and Seed Funds

Founder Focused Interventions

  • Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Build Independent Thinking
  • Customer Centricity
  • Execution Excellence
  • Focus on Personal and Professional Development

Startup Benefits at SIP

The TES Incubator holds a very special place. Entry to Startup Incubation Program (SIP) entitles you access to TES 360º Ecosystem that provides cash funding, fully functional office space and multiple other technology and non-technology benefits to sustain these start-ups.

Some of the benefits at SIP are listed below:

  • Business advice and guidance from some of the best startup mentors
  • Access to TES’s Faculty
  • Fully-equipped office space
  • Venture funding
  • Being part of a vibrant knowledge based community
  • Networking, events, workshops and training opportunities
  • A prestigious communication address in Gurgaon
  • Printers, office equipment and meeting rooms
  • Access to IT and technical facilities
  • Introduction to the entrepreneurial network
  • Growth opportunities through TES’s larger network

The TES 360º Ecosystem provides full support to launch your venture.

Our experts hone your ideas, help with technology, marketing, branding, PR, Accounting, Legal, Financial Advisory, Funding and Incubation support to launch your new venture!

I am still hung-over with the excitement of The Rodinhoods Open House at TES. I saw a whole lot of synergies between TES and us.
– Asha Chaudhary, Editor,