Admission Process

Eligibility Criteria

Ideally, PEP applicants should be Graduate with zero to five years of professional experience.

If you do not have proper educational qualification, but have very strong entrepreneurial drive, please take the Short EQ TEST. On the basis of your EQ score our Admission Counselors will speak with you to advise on the next steps.

Selection Process

PEP admission has 5-step selection process:

  • Step 1: Making an Application
  • Step 2: Review of Application and Invitation for Selection Day
  • Step 3: Attend Selection Day (EQ Test, Idea Pitch and Personal Interview)
  • Step 4: Issue of Admission Offer Letter to selected candidates
  • Step 5: Acceptance of Admission Offer by the candidate in writing and depositing the fees for first year within 10 days of issue of offer letter

Making an Application

Making an application requires filling of application form. The Application Form is available at

Application Fee:

The application fee is Rs. 2,000/- (non-refundable)

Selection Day at TES

The Selection Day involves taking Detailed EQ Test, making an Idea Pitch and a Personal Interview.

For any query drop an email to or call us at +91 124 4239688