Program Structure

PEP has been designed for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs.

The course is delivered in a full-time format. A typical PEP week will have 20 to 30 hours of classroom engagement from Monday to Friday. In addition, our students typically put in 15 to 20 hours of work every week for systematic venture creation.

The PEP Course begins with an Orientation Week to quickly take you into entrepreneurial mode by familiarizing you with yourself, your ideas, our teaching methods, our professors and mentors.

This is followed by 4 terms, each term of 12 weeks with a specific focus, where various courses and group learning processes in that term are aligned. We brainstorm and work together to develop use cases, shape your ideas, test them with real life users, develop product prototypes, beta test, simultaneously work on business plans and keep refining your new product or service, build investor interest for funding, strategize to go to the market, launch the new venture, acquire customers – all in one full year!

In between, you also go for 1-week Global Entrepreneurship Immersion to a chosen university in UK, Singapore or Hong Kong.


PEP is 1-year program involving 1152 hours of faculty lead learning and demands 1000+ hours of self-learning devoted to venture development.