Research Philosophy

Research is at the core of TES’s educational philosophy. It is the research focus that enables an educational institution to gain and retain the position of knowledge/ thought leadership.

In our endeavour to advance entrepreneurial thinking we often tend to underscore the importance of relevant and actionable research. However, TES understands how important it is to identify and address the issues of concerns for the entrepreneurs; the challenges they face and value that they create for the society.

Though the entrepreneurial education is integrative and encompassing by nature, the issues of our research focus revolve around the entrepreneurial eco system. Entrepreneurship has traditionally been taught as a theoretical subject similar to economics and science. However, relatively few business plans reach success as businesses. Our methods of entrepreneurship research also include pedagogy area i.e. newer and more effective ways to teach and practice entrepreneurship. These areas include:

  • How to move focus from business planning to active business launch and development during the process
  • How to take advantage of competition-based methods in the learning process
  • Consideration of the psychological mindset and possible barriers related to accepting risk and practicing of non-linear thinking in the entrepreneurial process
  • Realistic processes of product development
  • Study of effective transplanting of the entrepreneurial cultures to and from Silicon Valley and international locations