Centre for New Product Development and Research

The Centre for New Products and Services Development at TES intends to conduct leading edge research on innovation and new product and service development. It focuses on the issues that are most relevant to start-ups, uses appropriate research methodologies, and develops management tools and techniques.

All of the members of the research team have direct business experience and so the results of such research may be quickly converted into approaches that can help organizations increase their output of innovative products and services. These tools, techniques and approaches will be shared through our training, in-company workshops and publications. For example, we will regularly publish in not only top academic journals but also in the management press.

Our ideas on innovation management can be directly applied in the service, manufacturing, public and not-for-profit sectors. So, if you are a manager who wants to improve your organization’s performance, or someone who wants to study innovation, we hope our website will provide you with insights into the management of innovation. Research helps us generate knowledge on how innovation can be more effectively managed.

There are a range of topics where we are active, or have projects planned and we welcome interest from both organizations that face these issues and from potential doctoral students.

Some of the topics of our research interest are:

  • Beyond the Voice of the Customer: looking at new methods of market research that provides insights into how customers / users think
  • The Role of Aesthetic Design: the look, feel and usability of products need to be considered during new product development
  • The design thinking approach to innovation of new products and services: this approach combines the three key elements of product or service innovation which are desirability (customers), variability (technological) and feasibility (economic).