Thought Leadership

The Entrepreneurship School (TES) is the school for founders, startups and entrepreneurs. We believe in entrepreneurship as a means of solving the problems faced by the mankind.

The world is changing at the breathtaking speed. In this context, conceptualizing and commercializing new ideas has got more complex.

Therefore, it is all the more important that TES provides thought leadership to all aspects of the discipline of entrepreneurship.

We continuously bring Thought Leaders to discuss on various aspects of entrepreneurship. These are amongst the influential, renowned and brightest minds in their domain. Their deep knowledge allows us to appreciate some of the vexing problems associated with founders, startups and entrepreneurs.

TES has committed to invest significant time and effort in publishing world-class peer reviewed entrepreneurship research.

The Startup Journal is one such step. This has helped us develop and renew our proprietary knowledge base that leads to practical, unique and actionable insights for founders, startups and entrepreneurs and the overall entrepreneurship ecosystem.

TES is a big believer in co-creation of knowledge. Therefore, our Thought Leadership process also includes, conferences and seminars on different domains of entrepreneurship. We work with you, the experts, to bring out your capabilities and share your insights and research that adds to the body of knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship.

Every Thursday, TES conducts an Open Brown Bags Seminar.
As the name suggests, this seminar is conducted at lunch-time. These seminars provide an opportunity to participate and learn about exciting developments in entrepreneurship.