Entrepreneurship in Schools

Entrepreneurship development bears a strong positive correlation to the economic development of a country. India’s focus on entrepreneurship got pronounced by the government’s creation of a separate Ministry for Entrepreneurship and Skill Development, as well as ear-marking funds of Rs.10,000 crores in the 2014 budget for start-ups and small and medium enterprises in the country.

As a nation, we are we are becoming increasingly cognizant of the fact that the need of the hour is more of job creators than job seekers. Entrepreneurship has perhaps emerged as the best possible answer to sustainable economic growth, empowerment and job creation.

In the educational arena, entrepreneurship is rapidly gaining ground as a specialization stream in various post-graduate and under-graduate management programs. Efforts have also been made to introduce entrepreneurship at the high school level, by offering it as an optional vocational subject in classes XI and XII by the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE).

Some schools in India have already taken the step forward in integrating entrepreneurial and life skills development into formal school curriculum at the elementary level. Despite the increased academic focus on entrepreneurship, much still needs to be done to integrate entrepreneurship into mainstream education and recognise the practical approach of teaching entrepreneurship, given the challenges and barriers of the Indian education system.

To address some of the unique concerns and challenges of entrepreneurial education in India, The Entrepreneurship School (TES), Gurgaon conducted a seminar on 7th November, 2014 on the topic ‘Entrepreneurship Education in Schools – Are we ready for it?’

This seminar by TES, held in its Gurgaon campus, saw active participation from eminent NCERT academicians, leading educationists, practitioners, entrepreneurs, industry professionals and school teachers teaching entrepreneurship course across Delhi – NCR. The highly interactive seminar was conducted in two sessions and led by distinguished speaker achievers from the academia and industry.

Session 1: Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at Schools
Session 2: Teaching Entrepreneurship to Class XI & XII

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