Amit Kumar

Amit is a college drop-out who was always passionate about entrepreneurship. A hustler by nature, Amit says, “If you really want to be an entrepreneur, rejection is something you have to welcome with open arms. No one can beat a person who just can’t give up”.

He connceted with TES through ICUBE, the National Youth Idea Challenge organised by TES. Amit’s perseverance with his idea on augmented reality got him merit scholarship for the Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Program.

Amit made a pitch to make Trial Room app that provides where users can try out an apparel without entering a trial room or having to change clothes. While the concept is simple, the product development is challenging. TES Faculty and Mentors challenged Amit on various issues with the idea. In the process, the idea got refined. “KYCM changed my perspective on who is the customer”.

After two months of rigorous work Amit has developed AUGME, a jewellery trial application that offers added analytics to the retailers. KYC Marathon was the turning point where Amit could meet several customers, interact with them and understand the problem.

At TES, I learnt how to manage failures. This is the place where everyone encourages you to try whatever you believe in. Product development is a risky business. Most attempts will yield no result. Therefore a supportive environment is a must. Being in TES, when you are stuck, Mentors guide you from every perspective. Help comes from unknown quarters. Here, a whole new world will open .., as you get to meet with so many entrepreneurs, change makers… and the PEP will make you adroit in overcoming any situation of entrepreneurial life.