Arun Parasher

Arun joined the Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) after completing BBA from Manav Rachna University in Delhi. He comes from a family business background and is a sports enthusiast.

Initially, Arun worked on a gaming application but subsequently got more excited in solving the problems of his fathers business. The pain point was frequent breakages of power tools at construction sites.

The father-son duo worked to analyse the problem and identified that power tools made of cast iron break frequently. So, they are make power tools out of sponge iron. This required understanding the material characteristics and the market, where TES helped Arun and his father. Arun is test manufacturing power tools made out of sponge iron and has created marketing brochures to take his new product to market.


TES taught me about the power of collaboration and possibility. The faculty here are very supportive. I started believing that it is possible to make products successfully by taking small steps, one at a time. I also understood that customer is the king. Without involving customers, there is no new product