Paramjit Singh Rathore

Paramjit Singh Rathore joined the Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) after 3 years of work in a high paying job with Encore Capital, a financial services KPO.

“After my third appraisal, where I was rated as one of the top performers, I asked the question to myself – is this what I am going to do forever? I was thirsty to do something meaningful in life, when I got to know of TES.”

Manoj Tayal, Professor, “When I first met Paramjit, he took time to open up. But in our conversations, I found him bustling with ideas. He began discussing idea of healthy cigarette replacing tobacco with papaya. He even made a few samples”.

The cook inside Param’s soul makes him a great experimenter. In about a month, after trying 5 to 6 different ideas, Param came up with the concept of The Care Point, a healthcare services business which aims to provide affordable pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization nursing care to patients.

TES helped him define, shape, test and refine the concept through voice of customer research, journey mapping, KYC Marathons and stakeholder research. Subsequently, TES worked with Param to put the building blocks of The Care Point in place. This includes connecting with strategic partners and angel investors.

In the words of Paramjit,

I joined PEP to quench my entrepreneurial thirst. In less than 6 months, I sharpened my business idea that has caught investors’ imagination. I have negotiated my angel round and I am on way to launching my own venture. That’s fantastic! TES is the place to kick-start your startup. Top class faculty, excellent curriculum, life changing experience!