TES Difference

The Entrepreneurship School (TES) is the school for founders, startups and entrepreneurs.

We have created one of the most innovative and a unique practice based teaching system that helps us provide a true “Launchpad for startups”.

We devised a non-linear learning method combining Thinking – Doing – Breaking – Making.

We provide 360 degree ecosystem to support aspiring, nascent and established entrepreneurs.

What makes us unique

Some of the things that differentiates TES are:

Idea to Launch
Everything at TES is about turning ideas into a reality. This involves creative thinking, active experimentation, risk taking, collaboration and dealing with failures. There is no better satisfaction in life than launching your own venture. Our entire program is structured around “idea to launch”.

A vibrant Startup Lab
Our Start up Lab is where business meets arts, science, creativity, design and engineering. It is the soul of entrepreneurship activities at TES. You get the facilities and atmosphere of hands-on experience.

Venture Funding Support
Money is the grease that makes startups run. At TES, we believe in making you work on your idea. We make provide all assistance in securing funding support from our Incubator, Partners and Funders, to kick start your venture.

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs
TES is all about real life. We have built an active network of successful entrepreneurs which is expanding everyday. These entrepreneurs have a deep sense of serving the society and have chosen the route of working with budding entrepreneurs as mentors and investors.

TES Incubator
TES Incubator provides resources, space and an environment for startups and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Being right in a hub of innovation is invaluable for businesses in their formative stages. TES Incubator is a dynamic, creative environment where students can allow their business ideas to flourish.

Horizontal Approach to vertical growth
You will go through the cycle of learning by enlightened doing which makes you think, try, make, fail, do it over again until you succeed.