Best Time to make a Sales Call

Best Time to make a Sales Call

Hunters just smell when the target is there. But they do everything in their means to entice the target and patiently wait.

Has it happened to you that you have a sales call to make and then you say, “Nah! let me try some other time. The chap must be busy?”
If this is so, then chances are that you are postponing a sale or even murdering a sale.

Prospecting is an important part of sales process. Most often this begins with making a telephone call or sending an email. In a digital world, there are enough evidences from open rates and reply click of cold emails, SMSes or even a telecall, to have a clearer understanding of good days and times for a sales call.

Best time and Day for a telecall

According to several experience that we have we startups in India, the best strike rates for any sales call (cold or warm) is around 9:30am to 10am, a few minutes before decision makers settle down in their work desks. The second best time is around 2:15pm, immediately before the work starts after the lunch break.

The worst times are during the lunch break, say 1pm to 2pm or 6pm to 7pm, when people are signing off for the day.

In terms of a good day, all days other tha Monday morning and Friday evening is fine. Although, I have found more success on Tuesdays.

Best time and Day for a Cold Call over Meetings

Cold sales meetings are different from cold telecalls. This happens face to face, when you reach someone’s office without an appointment.

I have found, highest success in cold call meetings at around 4pm in India. One reason could be that most people are done with most important bits of work, therefore are relatively relaxed and still have about 2 hours to go at work.

In terms of a good day, all days Mondays and Fridays haven’t worked.

The last word

While, statistically there could be best and worst times for initiating a call, when in comes to responding a sales call, SPEED matters. Try an revert to a missed call as soon as possible, or try sending your quotation proposals within 30 mins to an hour of inquiry, you will find better success rates.

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