MDP on Smart Supply Chain

MDP on Smart Supply Chain

Introduction to the Program:

In a globalised business environment riding on technology and competition, demand certainty is a dream and disruptions are a reality. This, inter-alia, means that businesses are becoming ever more reliant on logistics and supply chain management in order to keep pace with the demands of an increasingly global economy. More and more CEOs now acknowledge that the supply chain is a differentiating value creator and a source of competitive advantage.

But, 2017 was the year of change – globally and in India.

The World Economic Forum declared that we are in the midst of Fouth Industrial Revolution. Advancements in multiple technologies such as internet, big data, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world. India took a new leap by introduction of GST and Digital India, which is game-changing policy initiative from taxation, finance and supply chain perspective.

Smarter organisations are rapidly working to re-design their supply chains. The MDP, Smart Supply Chain is designed to address this need-gap.

Program Audience

This, one-week MDP is planned for middle level Logistics and Supply chain to provide in-depth practitioner-oriented program which dissects the anatomy of supply chain and helps participants explore means and methods by which Supply Chain 4.0 can be designed for organizations to enhance its business competitiveness and face the challenge of Industry 4.0

Why Attend?

The Smart Supply Chain program shall help you in several ways. Some of these are:

  • Develop a modern innovative supply chain
  • Supply chain that delivers value to business
  • Better understanding of the elements vital for effective supply chain management
  • Improved ability to articulate the business vision to your external supply chain partners.
  • Immediate business impact through the creation of an action plan that leverages supply chain for competitive advantage.
  • Supply chain efficiency leading to improved financial performance.

The Bootcamp thrives on Debate and Action. You get to meet entrepreneurs, NGOs, business and policy makers

Brief Outline of the Bootcamp:

  • Understanding Industry 4.0 and its implications on Supply Chain
  • Time based Supply Chain Strategies for Value Creation
  • Advanced Concepts in Supply Chain – digital transactions, orders, tracking / tracing and new payment systems
  • Aligning Supply Chain for business competitiveness
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting in a VUCA World
  • Balancing SC Network for Speed and Profits
  • Logsitics and Dsitribution Planning for Industry 4.0 and GST
  • New Rules for Supply Chain Coordination – Structural, Managerial, and Operational
  • Case Studies on best in class supply chain management practices
  • Impact Venture Financing Strategies
  • Simulations on Digital Supply Chains
  • People issues in SCM

Program Director

Mr. Mukul Jain, Masters in Supply Chain, MIT Zargosa

Program Fees

The standard fee for MDP in Smart Supply Chain is Rs. 30,000 + GST. This includes all course materials, consumables, facilty costs, tea / coffee and lunch etc.

How to Register

To enroll for the course, please send an email: or call us at +91.124.4239588 and our Program Executives shall guide you.

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