Success Stories

From Admission to Execution, our students walk tall and proud into the world of Entreprenurship!

Founder, Innocube

Siddhartha joined TES to pursue the Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) after 1 year stint as a Marketing Head in a startup Mera Medicare.

Why he chose TES over the more standard B Schools:
“The one year spent at Mera Medicare was phenomenal. Previously I led AIESEC, Delhi and I always wanted to have my own business. TES was the only school which was offering immersive program in entrepreneurship, therefore it was an easy choice for me.”

He was very excited about developing an exciting solution for startups – a coffee house which could double up as an office, where people to could work as well as have fun. He discussed his ideas with our Professors and Mentors, who guided Siddhartha shape up his idea in a more concrete form as a co-working space.

At the TES KYC Marathon, Siddhatha validated the opportunity and worked on the concept of co-working spaces, a hot emerging opportunity and conceptualised INNOCUBE, his start up. At his launch party, Siddhartha met a few customers when he realised the need for aggregating vacant desks at all co-working spaces.

The TES Team worked with Siddhartha to define the product, helped him acquire his initial customers and within 6 months of joining the PEP, Siddhartha found his first paying customer.

In conclusion, Siddhartha feels….

I had the passion and dream of becoming an entrepreneur but no skillset and mindset and courage to take the leap. PEP gave me tools of design thinking, startup marketing, operations and entrepreneurial mindset. I learned these from a startup practitioner’s point of view. I am more confident now on launching any business venture and doing business deals. TES Faculty also taught me to believe in myself.