Located in the heart of Gurgaon, the India’s millennium city and back-office of the world, TES will transform your career by helping you conceptualize and commercialize new ideas and innovation.

Realize your entrepreneurial ambitions

TES is a leader in entrepreneurship education, incubating startups and accelerating growth of startups. We have a proven methodology to turn ideas in ventures.

Our experienced and committed faculty goes beyond teaching to partner with you on your ideas both inside and outside the classroom.

You will also meet successful entrepreneurs, angel and seed investors, bankers and professional experts on several occasions, such as classroom lectures, idea pitch, business plan pitch and demo days.

Our programs are designed to enable you become a well-rounded entrepreneur ready to create economic and social value. In addition, you’ll acquire strong business acumen, interpersonal skills, and membership to TES Entrepreneur Network that you help you carve out a path for your own success.


  • Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Program (PEP)
  • Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Program for Executives (PEPX)
  • Graduate Entrepreneurship Program (GEP)
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate in Innovation and Intrepreneurship
  • Certificate in Family Business